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It is estimated that 4,000 children born each year will develop a form of Mitochondrial Disease. This ravaging disease can present itself in many different ways with symptoms such as muscle weakness and pain, cardiac disease, diabetes, liver disease, respiratory difficulties, seizures, lactic acidosis, development delays, susceptibility to infection, and more. Most often, symptoms get worse with time and lead to death.

THERE IS NO CURE FOR MITOCHONDRIAL DISEASE...YET. That's why there's The Foundation for a Cure for Mitochondrial Disease, Inc. We are committed to finding hope for all who suffer. You can help. A financial donation to The Foundation for a Cure for Mitochondrial Disease, Inc. will give children hope. Please, help find a cure.

The Foundation for a Cure for Mitochondrial Disease, Inc. was founded by Bill and Sandy Cunningham in August of 2000 after their daughter Kelly was diagnosed with a Mitochondrial Disease. Since that time, Kelly’s fight with the disease has ended; she passed away in 2005. Not wanting other parents to experience the same heartache, Bill and Sandy remain committed to finding a cure for Mitochondrial Disease through the work of MitoCure.

MitoCure exists to educate communities about Mitochondrial Disease and to generate financial support for the most promising research for a cure. All operating costs are covered through private contributions and all board members are volunteers. This allows 100 % of all donations to go directly to research efforts around the world.

For more information about MitoCure, please contact us.

Imagine wishing to live until your next birthday. For children with Mitochondrial Disease, sickness and pain are all too real. The future is uncertain. They need hope. They need our help.

Scientists are making tremendous strides in finding a cure for Mitochondrial Disease, but funding is limited. Because the disease is not as well-known as others, there is not as much money available for grants. The Foundation for a Cure for Mitochondrial Disease, Inc. exists to gather donations from caring individuals and corporations and use them to support the most promising research in the world for Mitochondrial Disease.

You can help. A financial gift from you today will give hope to children around the world and will bring us one step closer to finding a cure. All gifts are tax-deductible and 100% of your contribution goes directly to research.

Mitocure is also in need of volunteers to help the foundation in a variety of ways. To offer the gift of time, click here to send us an e-mail.

Please, give the best gift these children will ever receive…hope.

The Foundation for a Cure for Mitochondrial Disease, Inc. exists to support research to find medical hope for children and adults afflicted with various forms of Mitochondrial Disease. To that end, the foundation studies various research projects being considered or conducted around the United States and helps to fund the programs found most promising. To date, roughly $3,000,000 has been given to research through the efforts of Mitocure.

Research groups who seek funding to support the study of Mitochondrial Disease are encouraged to contact Mitocure to apply for grants. To request a grant, click here to e-mail the foundation.

MitoAction supports and advocates for patients with Mitochondrial Diseases by increasing awareness and fighting for legislation, as well as providing helpful resources and information to Mitochondrial Disease patients and their families.

The Mitochondria Research Society
The Mitochondria Research Society (MRS) is a nonprofit international organization of scientists and physicians.The purpose of MRS is to find a cure for mitochondrial diseases by promoting research on basic science of mitochondria, mitochondrial pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment through out the world. Please click the link to learn more...

United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
In the spirit of uniting in the fight against mitochondrial disease, the International Mitochondrial Disease Network (IMDN) has merged with the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF). Please click the link to learn more...

The Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center University of California San Diego
In 1994, Dr. Richard H. Haas established the Leigh's Center at the University of Califomia San Diego (UCSD). This facility has provided state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for children around the world who suffered with Leigh's syndrome, a neurodegenerative disorder caused by defects in mitochondrial metabolism. Please click the link to learn more...

Mitochondria Research
A portal site covering recent literature, a Mitochondria lab registry, links, Mitochondria databases, jobs and much more.

81 Wood Pond Road, Cheshire, Connecticut 06410
email: mitocure@snet.net